Kelly Madison Shares Ricki White With Her Husband!

by Pornfidelity

Ricki White
Ricki White sexy ass outside by the pool!

Ricki White Bottom Less
Ricki White with just her bikini top on!

Ricki White Ass
Ricki White with her bikini bottoms rolled up under her ass!

Ricki White Keg
Ricki White and a keg what more could one want!

Ricki White Asshole
Ricki White gets her bottoms pulled down so we can see her asshole!

Ricki White Boobs
Ricki White goes boobs to boobs with XXXXX!

Ricki White Fucking
Ricki White getting a fat cock from behind!

Ricki White Drool
Ricki White drooling on XXXXX pussy!

Ricki White Threesome
Ricki White in the middle of a threesome!

Ricki White Sex
Ricki White getting fucked on the floor!

Ricki White Cum Shot
Ricki White gets cum shot all over her ass and back!

Ricki White Last Drop
Ricki White sucking the last drop of cum out of his cock!

Ricki White starts off teasing us her her body in a sexy bikini, but it’s a bit two hot so they go inside and make the rest of the afternoon one long threesome of sucking and fucking!

One thought on “Kelly Madison Shares Ricki White With Her Husband!”

  1. stillandre says:

    Rikki White is as pure a fuck machine as they come, and I say that with all due respect! If you are going to do this business, a woman has to commit to do it right or go home. Rikki has always grabbed hold of a dick like she knows what to do with it, knows that dudes at home are stroking their dicks to her and plays all the right fine points of moans and motion just the way we like them.

    She has always been fearlessly anal and just as fearless in interracial throwdowns. Lesbian fuckfests? No problem, and it never looks like she’s having a bad day or phoning it in! Not afraid to get nasty, sweaty, and has a talent for unscripted dirty talk, respecting a roleplay, and inspiring her partner to go for broke.

    Few starlets get props from me as no limit soldiers in porn. Kitten, Marie Luv, Jada Fire, Tory Lane, Anette Schwarz, Sophie Dee, Katsumi, Jasime Bryne, Belladonna…. Rikki White can hold court with all these girls. She has the natural comfortability with sex that reminds me of Tiffany Mynx. It’s time we stop lusting after these girls while disparaging for giving us just what we want. You don’t have to think of her as wife material, but the slut/whore labels in porn are punk ass crutches for scared little boys. If you need that to get your dick hard you need to stay with the teenaged, cheerleader type girls with flat asses. Rikki is a nitty gritty fuck. You fuck hard or you stay home and watch Glee. Fucking Ms White would be a goddamned privilege!

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